I'm Cat. I am a photographer based out of Owatonna, Minnesota but I travel wherever the road takes me. I am pretty goofy, and talkative, and we're probably going to end up as best friends.

I have been a photographer since I was 14. Yep. Adults paid me (well, enough to buy the film and get it developed) to take their family portraits when I was 14! I moved on to Prom and Senior photos.  I photographed my very first wedding in 1997 at 18 years old. I cannot believe it. Still. 

As a photographer with over 20 years of experience, I have seen it all. Truly. I cannot think of a wedding mishap that hasn't happened in front of me. I can tell you stories! 

I moved to Owatonna in 2014 and love living here. I travel to wherever my customers need me. I love going new places and trying new things. 

I love people. Period. I love hanging out, laughing, making jokes, and taking pictures the whole way.

Catherine of the Sea specializes in Wedding photography. Over the years I've done boudoir (and YES, MEN CAN DO BOUDOIR SESSIONS!), sports, school faculty pictures, and so much more:




*Fresh 48 (Back in my day we just called it a "hospital session"...)



Corporate events, bands, and head shots, too! I also do product photography upon request. I love quirky families, offbeat brides, and expressive individuals.


As an Artisan, well, I love to do everything I can.  I grew up with a mother who is a wonderful seamstress and a father who is an abstract painter and woodworker. We were always doing an art project, gardening, cooking, baking. Now I like to make soap (with flowers from my garden!), body and lip scrubs, and lip balms.  I also create jewelry, whether it be beading or hand stamped metal, leather, or various fibers.  My Etsy shop generally has a variety of things listed.  I also take custom orders.